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This is the first step toward resolving your sleep issue – even before an appointment with one of our sleep specialists – is to complete a patient questionnaire. This will give your physician and other staff members at SleepWell detailed information about your sleep problems and any other health issues related to your condition. Your doctor will use this information during your consultation to ensure you receive the best possible care and all of your sleep related issues are addressed.


During the evaluation, your doctor will perform a history and physical to assess your health. This includes routine assessments such as taking your blood pressure, listening to your breathing, and reviewing your medical history. You will be asked to discuss your sleep complaints as well as any other related conditions. It is always wise to prepare a list of questions and key issues you would like to discuss before your appointment to ensure all of your questions are answered. Based on your symptoms and history, you and your doctor will develop a treatment plan to resolve your sleep complaints.

There are a number of key items that you should bring with you to your consultation appointment, inlcuding;


  • Your medications (actual prescription bottles) 

  • Any previous sleep study results (if available) 

  • Your CPAP machine, mask, and any other equipment (if applicable) 

  • Your physician's contact information (if not already provided) 

  • Your insurance card 

  • Your co-pay (if applicable) 

  • List of questions/issues (if applicable) 

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