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Welcome to Premier Neurology & SleepWell Diagnostics

Your physician has referred you to our practice. We want to welcome you! For over 15 years, we have tested and treated thousands of patients just like you. 


Whether you were referred for an evaluation for ADHD, Epilepsy or  possible sleep disorder, everything starts with your initial consultation. There are many tests and treatment options for the symptoms you are incurring, so it's vital that you meet with our specialist to ensure the correct test is ordered, if needed. 


If you have questions of why you have been referred to us, please contact your physician's office directly. 




Scheduling your consultation


There are many options available to schedule an appointment. Please choose the one most convenient for you. 


  • Text us directly @ 980-338-0411

  • Visit our website to utilize our scheduling widget. It will show you all available time slots for each location.  Click  HERE  to schedule your appointment. 

  • Call us directly @ 704-541-4240 and choose option # 1. We will make this appointment for you. 

  • Email us directly @ 

  • Patient Portal: Upon creating your medical chart, if an email was provided by your doctor, we will automatically email you a link to activate the patient portal. This link will terminate after 48 hours, if not activated. Once activated, you can schedule, re-schedule or cancel appointments. You may also message us directly as well as access all records we have on file for you. If the link sent says that it is expired, please let us know with one of the contact options listed above. 




Prior to your appointment


  • If you have activated your patient portal access, we recommend "checking in" for your appointment through the portal. This will allow you to fill out all forms and speed up the process when you arrive. All forms must be completed prior to seeing the doctor. If you do not have access to the portal, please text, email or call us so that we can assist you. If you do not wish to access the patient portal, you can complete your forms when you arrive (Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time if you wish to complete forms in the office). 

  • Bring your Driver's License or Identification and your insurance card

  • Don't forget your Specialist Co-Pay. It is required at time of service as set by your insurance company. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and cash. We no longer accept checks or care credit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

  • If you do not have a Specialist Co-Pay, your visits may apply towards your Deductible and Co-Insurance. This amount is just like Co-Pay's; it is due at time of service set by your insurance company. This does not apply if you are covered at 100% or you out of pocket is met. 

  • We recommend calling your insurance or visiting their website to ensure that our specialist is in-network with your plan. We are in-network with almost ALL insurance campanies / plans, however, if you have a "special" plan, your plan may or may not fall under normal in-network provider benefits. This may vary from plan to plan. Insurance companies state that it is the member's responsibility to know their benefits. 

  • If you have a policy that is Out of Network with our specialist, we offer a cash pay solution, this is also due at time of service. 

  • When you call your insurance company, they will require our information. The physician is Kenneth Ashkin, MD and his NPI # is 1306896592. The tax ID is 823552785 if they need it. 

  • Please make sure that you are familiar with your appointment time and location. All of our locations along with addresses for driving directions can be found by clicking the locations below.

  1. Aboretum

  2. Huntersville

  3. Gastonia




  • ​If you have been previously diagnosed or treated for a sleep disorder, please bring your previous records or request a medical records release form so that we can request the records for you. This can be completed with one of the contact options listed above at your convenience. You may also have the records faxed directly to 888-920-1708. 

  • If you are currently on a PAP machine for sleep apnea, please bring it with you to your appointment. If any adjustments or settings need to be updated or changed, we can complete this for you while you are here. Please let us know if you have an established Durable Medical Equipment company that you wish to continue care with. We will make sure that they also receive the documentation needed from us. 

  • We also recommend that you make a list of any questions you may have to ask the specialist. Please bring it to your appointment. 




During your consultation


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